Getting Started

Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows introduction

Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows give you the power to evolve your Vantage solutions into intelligent cloud-native media-transformation engines. Design powerful automated solutions using the same Vantage Workflow Designer trusted by the top media and entertainment companies, and deploy those custom solutions into Telestream Cloud where they can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. Decentralized access to your own robust solutions with no single point-of-failure completely changes the game, and unlocks new horizons for your automated cloud-based workflows.


If you are new to Vantage

Refer to the Vantage Product Information on

Prerequisites for using the Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows API

  • Vantage 8.0 Update Pack 2 or above is required in order to create, modify, and export the Compiled Workflow Documents (.CWD) for use in Telestream Cloud
  • Active Vantage Cloud Service on your Telestream Cloud account is required
  • Stores configured on Telestream Cloud are required to serve as output locations for your workflows
  • An API key for your Telestream Cloud account, required to authorize your interactions with the API


For guidance on using Vantage Cloud and creating Hosted Workflows

Refer to the Vantage Cloud User Guide.

What can you do with the Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows API?

Using the Hosted Workflows API you can perform a variety of tasks using the Compiled Workflow Documents created using the Vantage Workflow Designer including:

  • Upload a Compiled Workflow Document created by Vantage
  • List all uploaded workflows
  • Get details on a particular workflow, including storage locations and expected variables
  • Delete a workflow you've already uploaded
  • Set output storage locations for workflows, using the Stores associated with your Telestream Cloud account
  • Submit jobs to your workflows, including media files for processing, storage locations, and workflow variables
  • Get status on your workflows' jobs, including progress, results, and estimated cost
  • Get links to the media created by your workflows

What’s Next

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