Workflow Validation

Only workflows with a limited set of actions and capabilities can be processed at Telestream Cloud within Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows.

The following is a list of the actions which are supported by Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows. If a workflow contains an action not in this list, an error message shall be raised when an attempt to export the workflow to a Compiled Workflow Document is made:

Supported Actions

  • Compute
  • Construct
  • Decide
  • Multi-Decide
  • Extract
  • Receive
  • Synchronize
  • Flip64
  • Conform
  • Multiscreen Flip
  • Timed Text Flip
  • Timed Text Conform
  • Tempo
  • Analyze

Along with the restriction on action usage in a workflow destined for Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows, restrictions are placed on the internal structure of all actions within a candidate workflow.

  • All candidate workflows MUST begin with a Receive action and consist of NO other Origin actions (e.g.: Watch, Workorder, etc.…). The Receive action shall contain special provisions where it may not advertise Cloud Mode capability; but due to the nature of the Receive action; it shall be allowed (and Required) to be present in a Vantage Cloud Phase II workflow.

  • The candidate workflow must be able to successfully execute if run on-premises.

  • Actions which make use of STATIC resources or other references to on-premises only resources shall be considered invalid. For example, a workflow which contains a Flip64 action which references a static overlay file (D:\MyImages\myfile.png) will obviously not work outside of the very specific environment in which it was built. When the Validation process discovers this, the validation shall fail. A user would be responsible for ensuring that any references such as this are either removed or replaced by Variables. Actions which reference specific physical locations (i.e. a Flip64 action which is configured to write output to a network folder) are illegal. These references would cause validation to fail. The user is responsible for making sure that actions are configured in a valid configuration which allows Cloud Mode. (NOTE: Vantage Cloud already enforces this rule: an action may not be placed into Cloud Mode if it references a location which exists only on the on-premises systems).