Discouraged Use Cases

It is equally important to understand the scenarios which are not beneficial to
migrating from a Vantage on-premises solution to a Vantage Cloud Port Hosted
Workflow solution.

Vantage Cloud Port Hosted workflows are not recommended for users who maintain
on-premises repositories of highly dense media files. The time/cost of uploading
these to Cloud Storage may be prohibitive or undesired with respect to Cloud

If material is ultimately going to be brought back on-premises; then Vantage
Cloud Port Hosted Workflows may not be ideal due to the egress costs/fees which
will be incurred when moving material back to on-premises storage from Cloud

If the throughput of a single job is inherently important, then it is important
to understand that Vantage Cloud Port Hosted Workflows will NOT match the speed
that is enjoyed by GPU acceleration on a Vantage Lightspeed server. If a
requirement exists to process a particular asset in a fixed amount of time;
Vantage Cloud Port Hosted Workflows may not be the best option (when compared to
processing the asset on Lightspeed hardware on-premises).

Workflows which are required to interact or interoperate with fixed assets may
not be candidates for moving to Vantage Cloud Port Hosted workflows (for
example, if a workflow integrates or is tightly coupled with an on-premises
Watermarking service).

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