February 8, 2024 - Cloud Qualify

QC Engine Version: 2023.12.1

December 7 - Vantage Cloud Analytics UI Update

The Analytics panel for Vantage Cloud has been updated to provide a more concise and simple to use capability for looking at the usage breakdown of Vantage Workflows and/or Actions.

November 27 - Notifications

  • Notifications for Vantage Cloud have been updated to allow Notifications to be associated with a specific workflow.

November 13- Cloud Qualify

Qualify Version: 2023.10.1
About This Release
This is a General Availability release of Qualify.
QC Engine Version: 2023.10.1
New Features In This Release

October 18 - Platform Release

  • Artifacts named "Vantage Cloud Port" have been renamed to "Vantage Cloud"
  • "Workflow job" and "Workflow details" graphs have been provided with UI rendering
  • Provided the ability to filter by FAILED jobs within the Cloud Port job status
  • During the import process; if we detect that a field within the Vantage workflow will exceed the allowable limits defined within the Telestream cloud database (specifically 256 characters for a workflow name or description); those fields will automatically be truncated when the workflow import is performed. This is to prevent a hang (which is what happens currently).
  • “error_message” field within the workflow query (https://api.cloud.telestream.net/vantage-cloud-port/v2.0/workflows/{workflow_id} would contain invalid messages about missing component pacs. These messages have been corrected so they do not provide misleading information.

September 26 - Platform Release

Vantage Cloud Interface Changes

August 30 - Platform Release

"Request Pay By Invoice" Feature

July 04 - Timed Text Speech Release

Changes in IBM Watson Speech to Text Engine

July 26 - Cloud Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2023.004
QC Engine Version: 2023.7.1

June 01 - Platform Release

"Who Pays Hierarchy" Feature