Target/Ideal Use Cases

The primary use-cases/scenarios which benefit from Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows involve scenarios in which user-content is already located in Cloud-based storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure BLOB storage).

The technology behind Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows is geared to running jobs within the REGION where the SOURCE material resides. This alleviates any EGRESS costs which would otherwise be incurred due to the involuntary or unnecessary movement of material to a different region.

Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows also allows very efficient scaling due to elastic job volume. Instead of having to provision fixed servers to accommodate the ‘highest’ demand for load; Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows easily scales to meet the demands of whatever load may be generated during an event. For example, if a scenario involves having to process only 1000 assets on a Tuesday, but 12000 assets on a Friday; Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows easily scales to accommodate these types of varying degrees of job demands.

Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows are ideal for scenarios in which the processing of a high volume of jobs is more important than the throughput for any single job. For example, “I need to complete 5000 jobs by tomorrow; but I don’t really care how long any single job takes, so long as the batch is done by tomorrow.”

Lastly, Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows is ideally suited to headless/API-driven submissions.