Hosted Workflows: Simple Job Submission

This article shall walk a user through the process of performing a simple job submission. Along the way, a user shall become familiar with determining the Store to utilize as well as becoming familiar with querying for job status.

At this point what has been illustrated has been how a workflow is created within Vantage and then how that workflow has been uploaded and registered in Telestream Cloud.

The use of the Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflow web user interface has been utilized to illustrate the submission of a job to a workflow.

Submitting a job to a workflow via the API involves the same mechanics as submitting a job via the UI; but the data is provided programmatically instead of via a user interface.

With the workflow having been uploaded, the ID of that workflow can now be utilized via the Vantage Cloud II API.

The scenario for a Simple Job Submission consists of the following steps:

  • Identifying the desired Telestream Cloud Store to be used for output
  • Querying a workflow for the definition of what is expected to be provided
  • Submitting a new job based upon the expected parametric information
  • Querying for job status
  • Querying the outputs of a completed job