Welcome to Telestream Cloud

Usage Based Pricing

Telestream Cloud provides a broad range of services that operate on live and file based media content. At Telestream Cloud you pay for the work or jobs performed by each service. Typically the service charges are based on the number of content minutes processed for each job.


Telestream Cloud Services operate on multiple public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle) and in numerous geographic regions. Jobs are performed in the cloud provider region nearest to where your data is (or will be) stored. This improves performance and minimizes egress fees.


Telestream Cloud is a true Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The software and infrastructure that operate the platform are provisioned and managed by Telestream. You never need to deploy virtual machines, install software or manage licenses.


As with most SaaS platforms Telestream Cloud is multi-tenant. All customer jobs are managed by a shared control plane that is highly secure and highly available.

Virtual Private Cloud

All jobs are processed within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The VPC secures any infrastructure that has access to your cloud object storage. By default

By default customer jobs are processed in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) owned by Telestream. The service charges include the software usage and the cost of compute instances needed to process each job. The platform automatically scales the VPC to accommodate the jobs from multiple customers.

Customer VPC

Alternatively you can request that jobs be processed in your VPC. The service charges only include the software usage. The cost of the compute instances are charged directly to your account with the cloud provider. Telestream Cloud automatically scales the VPC to accommodate your current workload.