Querying Hosted Workflow Job Status

The previous section illustrated how to submit a job to a Hosted Workflow. The result of that submit included a field which identified the newly created job.

This job identifier is utilized to query for status about the newly created job:





In the GET URL above, the value: c29dde60e746f2bcf48876b311829da5 corresponds to the identifier of the workflow that was the target of the job submission. The value: 82971554f9dde5e0d91878124c08c9db is the identifier returned in the response to the job submission .

The GET query above uses the existing workflow ID and the newly created JOB ID to ask for the progress of the specific job.

The response is in the form:

    "status": "completed",
    "state": "succeeded",
    "progress": 100

The response provides an indication of whether the job is in process or completed (this is passed in the status field. The final state (Failed or Succeeded). As well as the current progress (100 implies the job has completed).