Flip service events types

Each of our services - be it Flip, Timed Text Speech, or Quality Control - allow you to be notified on certain events or stages of job processing, and each service has its own set of event types. Descriptions below explain events available in the Flip service.

Video Created

This is called once a video file has been uploaded successfully and encoding has started. The status will either be success or fail. An array of encoding ids is provided (although note that the encodings will not have been fully processed at this state).

Encoding Progress

Returns progress of a single encoding job. This is called approximately every 10 seconds while an encoding is processing, and returns the percentage complete. Use this notification type with care since it will generate a lot of traffic.

Video Encoded

All encodings for a video have been completed. Note that this may be returned multiple times if, for example, a new encoding is added for an existing video.

Encoding Completed

This is called for each encoding when the encoding is completed - whether successfully or failed. The POST body will contain encoding information, including any potential error messages.