Notifications delivery methods

Telestream Cloud gives you a number of options how to deliver notifications.


Probably the easiest to set up. Simply enter email address to which Telestream Cloud should send the notifications. You can add multiple email addresses. Each email will contain details about the job it relates to.

See how to set up e-mail notifications.


Provide us with the URL we should send the notifications to, pick the HTTP method and that’s it. When any of the selected events happen, we'll make either a GET or POST request to the address you gave us and you can do whatever you need with it on your end.

Find out how to go about configuring Webhook notifications.

Amazon Simple Notification Service

If you’re using AWS you may prefer to receive notifications through their Simple Notifications Service. It requires you to do little bit of configuration in the AWS console to provide us with data that’s needed for this method to work.

Check out our tutorial on setting up SNS for use with Telestream Cloud.

Google Pub/Sub

For those who prefer Google we are offering integration with Pub/Sub asynchronous messaging service as well.

You can jump right in to the Google configuration tutorial.

Azure Event Grid

Microsoft's notification service - Azure Event Grid - also uses a pub/sub model and simple HTTP-based event delivery.

Follow here for step by step guide to configuring Event Grid with our service.