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Telestream Cloud provides a broad range of media processing services including file transcoding, workflow automation, live stream monitoring, automatic transcription, and quality assurance.

Running Transcription Jobs in the Cloud

Jobs can be submitted to Telestream Cloud Timed Text Speech in a few ways - API, from CaptionMaker and MacCaption, or in this case through web console.

Once logged in select the Project that you’d like to use and you’ll be looking at the Transcription Jobs list. This is where you can keep track of all jobs that have been processed or are currently in progress.

Click Submit Transcription Job button to select files for processing. You can either drag & drop source files from your local disc or paste the URL. There is a size limit of 100MB on the audio data that you can transcribe at one time. If you upload media file we will extract audio track from the video before the transcription process.

When ready, submit job to start the upload and then the transcription. You can follow the general progress in the jobs list. You can also dig into details by clicking the job from the list to see more detailed view. When transcription is finished it’s time to move on to the final stage - review and edition.

Updated 7 months ago

Running Transcription Jobs in the Cloud

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