Adding new service account to Telestream Cloud

Service accounts should be used for external services and applications that require access to your TC services and resources. This way you can allow your own or 3rd party applications to integrate with TC to automate your media processing workflows.

In most cases you would grant such account a granular set of privileges than provided by any policy template. For example, allow to only submit jobs to a specific Factory in Flip service. We do not recommend using Owner or Admin roles for such purposes.

Log in to Telestream Cloud console and go to Identity and Access Management and select Service Accounts tab and click Add API Key.


In the configuration form:

  • give the service account a meaningful name
  • click Custom Permissions radio button
  • pick Flip from Select Service list and Editor as level of permissions (so it can both view and perform actions – in this case submit jobs)
  • from the list of available factories pick the one this service account should have access to

Click Create API Key to finish. You will see your new service account on the list. An API key will be automatically created. It is required to authenticate API calls made by this service. Just click Show in the API column to reveal it.