The use of Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows assumes a level of intimacy and familiarity with Vantage. This document assumes an understanding of the VantageWorkflow Designer as well as an understanding in workflow construction (i.e.:manipulating Vantage Nicknames and Variables as well as a familiarity with theVantage Secured Version Control).

If a familiarity with Vantage is not present, please consult the Vantage user documentation

A detailed writeup on Vantage Secured Version Control is available at:

The use of Vantage Cloud Hosted workflows also assumes a level of familiarity with at least one of the following Cloud Storage providers: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage or Azure BLOB Storage.

Prior to the use of Vantage Cloud Hosted workflows (or any capability within Telestream Cloud); a user MUST have an account created and setup with one of these storage providers. A user will be required to setup references to a storage location from one of these providers within Telestream Cloud before any capability discussed in the document may be utilized.

If familiarity with a Cloud Storage Provider is not present or an account with a provider has not been established, the use of Vantage Cloud Hosted workflows will not be possible.

Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows requires Vantage 8.0 Update Pack 2 or higher to be installed on the machine where workflows are being built. Further, the on-premises machine which shall build the workflows (or more specifically the Vantage Domain which shall build the workflows) requires all Vantage services to be running.

The on-prem Vantage domain must be kept up to date with respect to both Vantage and ComponentPac software releases. The actions which are created for a specific Vantage workflow will utilize the ComponentPac revision as an indication of the revision of software which shall process that workflow when run in the cloud.