Uploading a Compiled Workflow Document

In order to interact with a workflow via the Vantage Cloud V2 API, the workflow must be uploaded and registered with Telestream Cloud.

The ‘New Workflow’ button allows a user to specify information about the workflow which shall be imported. In particular, assigning that workflow a well-known Name, the default Store (which is where any material which is uploaded shall reside) and most importantly, specifying the Compiled Workflow Document which was previously exported from Vantage.

The UI for this is presented below:


Pressing the ‘Create Workflow’ button completes this process. Once this is done, the new workflow shall appear in the list of available workflows:

The newly added workflow may be clicked on, and once this is done, a DETAILS pane is available to see the specifics of this workflow. This pane contains an ID which corresponds to the ID via which all API interaction with this workflow shall be referenced by. Further, the workflow also presents information about expected variables, inputs, and storage references:


The bottom section of the Details panel shows the inputs (both Variables and Nicknames) which the workflow is expecting, as well as the Storage definition for the applicable actions within this workflow:

The information above coincides with the definitions originally made within the Vantage workflow (which are detailed in the previous section).