Notifications Overview

Basic notifications model

E-mail and webhook notifications are the simplest methods of setting up delivery of messages based on occurence of specific events in Telestream Cloud services. In first case you will receive an e-mail with information related to the job and the event that triggered the message to be sent.

Webhooks work in similar way by sending either a JSON or form encoded data, to provided URL whenever an event happens. That's more efficient way to track jobs status than polling the API as it limits number of requests you need to make to Telestream Cloud.

Pub/Sub messaging model

AWS, Google or Microsoft Azure based notifications delivery use publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging model as a way of service-to-service communication. The three key components here are publisher, topic and subscriber.

  • Publisher component is responsible for simply pushing a message to the topic whenever a certain event happens, e.g. media file has finished transcoding.
  • Topics act as access point and communication channel that groups related events. Topics transfer every received message immediately to all its subscribers.
  • Subscriber - a web service or an application - receives every message broadcasted to the topic they have subscribed (unless there is some filtering policy in place).

The communication between the Publisher - in this case Telestream Cloud - and Subscriber (your service or application) is asynchronous.

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