Examining A Job

Once a job has been submitted, it appears in the job list for the selected
workflow. Clicking on this job allows the details of the job to be examined.

From the details view, a running job may be Cancelled (if desired) via the
‘Cancel Job’ Button.


As the job executes, the status of the job will change/update as progress
through the workflow is made.

The ‘Details’ tab allows a user to examine the parametric input that was
specified for this particular job:


NOTE: The ‘Workflow Job ID’ is highlighted above. This value is required to be
reported to Telestream in the event of a problem report being made. There is a
COPY Icon which facilitates copying this field into an email message if a
problem report is being made.

When a job has completed, the results of the job (including the total cost and
total processing time) may be examined. The status view shows this information
when the specific job is selected:


The ‘Delete Job’ button in the upper right may be used to permanently delete
this job if it is no longer required.

NOTE: Unlike Vantage, deleting a job in Vantage Cloud Port Hosted Workflows does
not affect the underlying media (or linked media) in ANY way.


Clean Up Section

The ‘Clean Up’ section is where details about the automatic cleanup of
Transient material is performed. If the workflow
contained any actions whose outputs were marked as ‘Transient’, then the details
of the cleanup of this temporary material would be provided in the Clean Up

Clicking on any specific action within the workflow will provide a detail
breakdown of the execution of that action:


NOTE: Unlike Vantage, ONLY the actions which correspond to transcoder-based
actions which actually execute are displayed. What this means is that only
actions Flip64, IPTV Flip, Conform, Analyze, Multiscreen, Timed Text Flip and
Tempo shall appear. Further ONLY actions which ran (vs. being in the Ignored
state) are displayed in this list. What this means is that if a workflow
contains a multiple of actions such as Compute and Decide actions, these are not
shown in the workflow status view above. Further, if a workflow contains an
action such as a Flip64, and this action did not run due to a decision branch
not being executed; the Flip64 action shall not be displayed.

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