Authenticating and making requests with REST API

Telestream Cloud API puts you in control of all our services to allow you integrate and automate your media processing at any scale, including:

  • Transcoding single or multiple input files intp various output formats
  • Check media files for correctness and compliance
  • Create transcripts of audio files to use as base for captions/subtitles
  • Create and manage output stores and watch-folders
  • Create and manage notifications to stay up to date with status of your jobs

Telestream Cloud API is REST based with responses in JSON. You can either choose to use on of our SDKs or us the API directly.

Notifications API Address:


API Calls Authorization

All calls must be authorized using your API key sent in β€˜X-Api-Key' header.

Such key is created by default after you sign up for TC account. To access it simply go to our web console and select IAM in top right menu. You will see list of all API keys associated with your account.

We do not recommend using your owner account API key in production environment for security reasons. Use custom service accounts instead, that have only required set of access rights to specific resources, to do the tasks they have been designed to.