Getting started - Cloud QC

Creating a QC Project

Telestream Cloud automated Quality Control removes the need of labor intensive tasks that involve manually checking conformance by eye and hand.

All quality checks are run within a Project which contains a single template used to test compliance against a defined set of parameters required by industry standards for content delivery.

As of now list of available templates includes:

  • ARD ZDF (XDCAM and AVC-Intra)
  • AS 11 UK DPP 4.3 (AVC-Intra)
  • AS 11 UK DPP 5.0 (AVC-Intra and IMX)
  • AS 10
  • Netflix HD
  • iTunes HD TV ProRes
  • Amazon ProRes

All templates have the option to additionally perform a PSE check to analyze video content for flashing and stationary patterns which may cause photosensitive epilepsy triggered by visual stimuli present in TV programs and ads. Television content in the UK and Japan has to pass the PSE test to be allowed for broadcasting.

Setting up a Project is a pretty straightforward process and boils down to naming it, selecting the report type and template for the media file to be tested against.


Depending on the template selected, you will see a more or less extensive set of the checks which will be carried out, and the recommended settings for them. Our goal was to make it as simple and transparent as it gets. You tell us what kind of compliance you’re looking for, and we tell you if you’re meeting the requirements. Let’s move on to running a QC job...