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Telestream Cloud provides a broad range of media processing services including file transcoding, workflow automation, live stream monitoring, automatic transcription, and quality assurance.

Developer Guides

How to create a Factory

How to update a Factory

How to remove a Factory

How to create and customize encoding profile

How to update an encoding profile

How to delete an encoding profile

What’s the relation between Encodings and Videos objects

How to retrieve a list of encodings for a profile

How to retrieve encoding progress

How to submit an encoding job

How to create H.264 MP4 output with thumbnails and watermarks

How to create HLS package

How to add AES 128 Encryption to HLS

How to create MPEG-DASH package

How to create CENC encrypted MPEG-DASH package (Widevine & Playready)

How to do channel mapping

How to set up notifications for Flip service

Using Telestream Cloud Uploader

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Developer Guides

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