Welcome to the Telestream Cloud API

What can you do with the Telestream Cloud API?

There are a variety of functions available on Telestream Cloud through the API. Integrating your code directly with our API allows you to make the best use of the entire platform, including Identity and Access Management, Storage Management, as well as status and control of our various services. Here is an introduction to what is possible through our API.

Many aspects of IAM can all be controlled through our API, including:

  • Creating, Listing, Updating, and Deleting API Key Credentials
  • Creating, Retrieving, Verifying, and Deleting Multi-Factor Authentication Methods

Since you need to connect and manage your own storage, the API provides many functions to facilitate store management, such as:

  • Creating, Listing, Updating, and Deleting, Stores and viewing their Details
  • Retrieving Object URLs
  • Listing, Updating, and Managing Watch Rules on your Stores

Various Notification services can be configured and controlled through the API. Some of the functions available for managing notifications include:

  • Listing Notification Subscriptions, and Getting Details on Specific Notifications
  • Creating New Notification Subscriptions
  • Updating and Deleting Existing Notification Subscriptions

Individual Services

The various services hosted on Telestream Cloud also have a variety of controls available through the API in order to fully integrate them into your applications and systems. Below are some of the controls available to manage the individual services.

Using the Hosted Workflows API you can perform a variety of tasks using the Compiled Workflow Documents created using the Vantage Workflow Designer including:

  • Upload a Compiled Workflow Document created by Vantage
  • List all uploaded workflows
  • Get details on a particular workflow, including storage locations and expected variables
  • Delete a workflow you've already uploaded
  • Set output storage locations for workflows, using the Stores associated with your Telestream Cloud account
  • Submit jobs to your workflows, including media files for processing, storage locations, and workflow variables
  • Get status on your workflows' jobs, including progress, results, and estimated cost
  • Get links to the media created by your workflows

Using the API for the Qualify service enables many functions to have granular control over all aspects of your quality control tasks. The individual functions you can perform include:

  • Listing Engine Versions and the available Regions where Qualify can run
  • Create, Retrieve, Update, or Delete Qualify Templates to control aspects of your QC checks
  • Create, List, Retrieve, Update, or Delete Projects which group together and organize batches of QC check tasks
  • Control your Jobs, with functions for Listing, Creating, Getting Details of, Canceling, Restarting, or Deleting jobs
  • Create, List, Update, and Delete Package or Audio Layouts, to control how files you are checking are structured
  • Create or Get a Proxy for one of your Jobs

The Timed Text Speech engine has several functions available through the API in order to control the automatic transcription of content. Some of the functions available are:

  • Create, List, Update, or Delete Projects which group together and organize your jobs
  • Create List, Delete Jobs, or return their Results or Outputs
  • Create, List or Return a Corpus for giving the system custom lists of words or phrases found in your content