October 15 - Transform Engine Release

Transform Engine - Telestream Media Framework Update
Version: 2021-10-001

  • Fixed an issue where trimming long-GOP outputs does not trim accurately
  • Fixed an issue where a delay parsing certain source files causes jobs to be terminated
  • Fixed an issue where trimming I-Frame content without recompressing writes extra frame
  • Fixed an issue where properties for HLS manifests could not be read
  • Fixed an issue where trimming ProRes while direct-converting lead to truncated outputs
  • Fixed an issue where FrameFormer converter jobs failed if the pixel format was not set
  • Added MaxDecodeDelay property to the Manzanita Container Writer
  • Some unused and unnecessary components were removed
  • Added components to support an upcoming CIEM fan-in converter

Known issues of note:

  • In certain cases the job progress does not update, and instead jumps from 0% to 100%
  • In certain cases, trimming MPEG-2 content leads to outputs 1 frame longer than expected
  • The CIEM fan-in converter is upcoming and is not yet ready to be used