October 10 - Cloud Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2022.004

  • Update to Field Order test.
  • Addition of uncompressed RGB/YUV options in Video Codec test.
  • Addition of range option to the Container and Video Bit Rate test.
  • Additional test to compare timecodes in File Checks.

QC Engine Version: 2022.10.1

New Features

  • Up-conversion Detection test in Video Quality.
  • Test Tone test in Audio Quality.
  • Nielsen Watermark Detection test in Distribution and Broadcast.
  • Audio Codec Profile test in Audio Metadata.
  • TV/MPAA Rating test under Video Metadata.
  • Combing Artefacts test under Video Quality.
  • Video Track ID/PID test in Video Metadata.
  • Drop Frame test in Video Metadata.
  • Sidecar STL Support allowing user to select optional side car file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue, where customers are experiencing aborted jobs with freeze frame, black frame, field order, and color bar tests.
  • Fixed issue, where DASH package subtitles are reported as missing.
  • Fixed issue, ability to add decimal values to Video Bitrate test.