May 26 - Transform Update

Transform Changes

  • Corrected a memory error which can occur when using silent/black segments
  • Added support for Nielsen metadata zip file retrieval
  • Suppress adding encode settings when the output type is “prop”
  • Corrected an error produced when using certain Tachyon settings
  • Improved support for the “Combine” operator to work with Teletext
  • Corrected an issue where audio Track and Layout operators would be discarded
  • Updated syntax for the ‘Select’ operator for audio
  • Corrected tooltips for Max Luminance and Min Luminance in the user interface
  • Corrected tooltips for Caption controls in the user interface

Transform Engine Changes
Version 2022-05-001

  • Modified pitch correction filter to allow operating on audio with a Dolby E output
  • Corrected an issue which resulted in different timings when creating retimed SCC outputs
  • Corrected a case where inserting XDS into a transport stream output resulted in 0KB output

Known Engine Issues
Version 2022-05-001

  • XDS Program Type metadata may not be present in outputs
  • IMF Package creation may exhibit encoding failures when also inserting Dolby Vision metadata