May 16 - Cloud Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2023.003
QC Engine Version: 2023.5.1

New Features

  • Harding FPA PSE test added
  • Add DVCPRO HD to the codec options
  • Full Qualify schema published in user guide
  • Template validator for templates created outside of persistence


  • Enhancement to audio track selection in audio tests
  • Enhancement to Clicks and Pops Test
  • Enhancement to Dual Mono Test
  • Updates to test naming
  • Aggregate alerts on a per mix basis

Bug Fixes

  • Customer bug fix for Single Color Test
  • Customer bug fix for Color Bar test returning incorrect timing
  • Customer bug fix for Video Segment Detection Test
  • Customer bug fix to use all audio configurations
  • Customer bug fix for MPAA Rating Test configuration
  • Fix alert ID for Combing Artefacts Test
  • Customer bug fix for Minimum Level test returning duplicate errors

Additional Notes - Name ID Changes

Reason For Change:

  • To offer consistency and overall readability for users.

Effect On Customers:

  • Could break automated workflows if customer is spying certain names/ID’s.

Changes (Previous -> New):

  • Tek Mos -> TMOS
  • Mxf -> MXF
  • Pse -> PSE (Proprietary) and PSE (Harding)
  • Hdr Measurement -> HDR Measurement
  • Hdr Area -> HDR Area
  • Hdr Change Detection -> HDR Change Detection
  • Levels -> Luma Chroma Levels
  • DolbyE Syntax - listed as "DolbyE" in alerts previously.  String in alerts changed to “Dolby E”.
  • Aggregated alerts now have “-” as “Name” value - this will reflect the name of the area for which aggregation takes place.