March 28 - Cloud Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2023.002
QC Engine Version: 2023.3.2

New Features

  • Alpha Channel Presence
  • SMPTE 328 track Present
  • EBP Container Metadata Test
  • Video Reference Frames Test
  • EAS Tone Test
  • AVC/H.264/MPEG-4 Video Codec Syntax
  • Check endianness of LPCM
  • Template upgrade


  • Consolidate limit options for aggregate alerts
  • Addition of Profile and Level test for MPEG-2 Video Codec in File Checks
  • Add profile and level check to ProRes Video Codec
  • Enhancement to Clipping Test
  • Add ITU 1770-2 and ITU 1770-3 to loudness mode list
  • Option to select timecode track in STL Checks
  • Change to alert ID for STL sidecar checks
  • SMPTE 331M added to audio codec options
  • Existing subtitle/caption tests split into additional, more specific, alert IDs. Details in user guide documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Customer bug fix for false positives in the audio clipping test
  • Customer bug fix for incorrect video bit rate range option