June 23 - Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2022.003

  • Improvements related to Aggregate Alerts - Add an option in the template settings to allow a user to define the maximum number of alerts for each test
  • Extended token character URL length to 2048 character
  • Ability to Export JSON Test Results to Storage Bucket
  • Fixed defects related to Templates, Package Layouts, and Reports
  • Other minor fixes, which improve the user experience

QC Engine Version: 2022.6.2

New Features

  • Fixed AFD and Package Layouts alerts
  • New Cadence Test: Provisioned under Video Quality category.
  • New Channel Position Test: Provisioned under Audio Quality category
  • Audio track matches video length: new test under File Checks category
  • Audio Language ID: New test under Audio Metadata category
  • AFD Detection: New test under Video Metadata category
  • NEW iTunes Compatibility Test: New test under Distribution and Broadcast category (new category)
  • Use Start Timecode: Additional option to the template.
  • Update to capabilities file for Number of Channels Test under Audio Metadata category
  • UI rewording in Audio Quality Tests, “Track” is replaced by “Mix
  • Ranges added to Minimum Level Test under Audio Quality category.
  • Bitrate range added to Audio Bitrate Test under Audio Metadata category

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue, where stalled jobs are experienced by customers when processing media with subtitles.
  • Fixed issue with package layout where hangs were experienced
  • Fixed issue with stalled jobs
  • Fixed Issue with Audio tracks not being found.