December 15 - Cloud Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2022.005
QC Engine Version: 2022.12.2

New Features

  • Container/Header agrees with Essence test in File Checks.
  • Video Buffer Size test.
  • MOOV Atom test in Video Metadata.
  • Single Sample Description
  • Dolby-E Audio Codec Syntax test in Syntax Checks.
  • Corrupt Frame test in Video Quality.
  • Audio Description Track Detection test in Audio Quality.
  • Configurable option for alert level when media is missing.
  • Tool tips
  • PPM Level test in Audio Quality


  • Test name now included in job report.
  • Updated title fields for black frame, freeze frame, and channel position tests.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect (half smaller) sampling rate detected for AAC LC files
  • Video bit rate of 0 Mbit/s is not within the range X - X Mbit/s