December 1 - Qualify Release

Telestream Cloud Qualify
Release Notes and Known Issues

Qualify Version: 2021.001

  • EU AWS Regions added to Qualify Projects
  • Test name now displayed correctly on report.
  • Audio Layout page requires the name field to be completed.
  • Proxy player mute fixed
  • Improvements to the Audio layouts UI
  • Deep MXF Tests available.
  • File Checks and Video Metadata test configuration no longer displayed as JSON on PDF report.
  • Last alert on PDF report page is no longer truncated.

QC Engine Version: 2021.11.0

  • Deep MXF test stability issues in some situations resolved.
  • Freeze Frame test performance improved.
  • Processing of files with multiple tests enabled causes a hang resolved.
  • Video Metadata indexer hang fixed.
  • Indexer now halts when error appears.
  • Changes to MXF test naming for consistency.