November 30 - Cloud Port - New ComponentPac Versions Available

New ComponentPac versions have been released for use with Vantage Cloud Port!

General: A new "orchestration" container has been updated on Telestream Cloud

  • This allows Timed Text Conform and Copy actions to be used in Vantage Cloud Port Hosted Workflows

Flip64 8.0.11

  • Added InSync FrameFormer frame rate conversion. For more information, please visit
  • Added Keyframe creation support to Cloud Mode, allowing JPG keyframes to be created.
  • Added the ability to create DPP IMF (TSP2121-1 using ProRes MXF) format for UHD deliveries.
  • Added Dolby Atmos support for ADM/WAV and IMF IAB wrapped in MXF input sources.
  • Added decoding support for files containing iPCM audio (e.g. coming from specific Sony Cameras)
  • Added support for sources in certain formats with up to 48 channels of audio.

Analyze 8.0.5

  • Support for Dolby Atmos ADM BWF and MXF input formats. Analyze now supports DAMF, ADM BWF and MXF Dolby Atmos input formats.
  • Added the capability to extract camera rotational metadata for video (for example captured via mobile phones with rotation sensors) in Media Properties allowing for use in Vantage Cloud Port mode.
  • Added the ability to detect Interlacing Detection of 4:1 Pulldown Cadence.
  • Add the ability to detect IVT parameters (first repeated field, cadence) relative to the active segment.

Timed Text Flip 8.0.10

  • When the Retiming filter is disabled, the new default behavior is now to pass through the source timecode as-is with no adjustments. In workflows created under previous versions of TT Flip, the default behavior was to ripple the hours value down to zero. Workflows created in previous versions that are not upgraded to TT Flip 8.0.10 or later will continue to run under the older component pac version and will continue to have the same behavior as before.
  • When creating a new workflow after installing TT Flip 8.0.10, or upgrading an existing workflow to use TT Flip 8.0.10, if you want the same behavior as prior versions, you must enable the Retiming filter and set the Starting Timecode option to “Nearest hour to zero”.
  • Added support for up to 32 audio tracks in Media inputs/outputs
  • Added new “Omit style tags” option to SRT and WebVTT exports
  • Added new “Omit cue settings” option to WebVTT export (this will also combine split captions/subtitles into single cues)
  • Added IMSC 1.1 profile option and other IMSC settings to TT Conform