April 27 - Qualify Release

Qualify Version: 2022.4.0


  • Resolved issue with Freeze frame tests.
  • Resolved issue where PSE Tests failed to run
  • Resolved issue with HDR Limit test
  • Resolved issues with PSE tests, with very occasional missing “Flash Calc result” and wrong start frame reported
  • Added capability, enabling users to select individual audio channels for testing.
  • Resolved issue in “HDR change Detection” test where alert descriptions do not display correctly in report
  • Resolved issue when using “Audio Silence” test where job hangs if audio tracks are empty.
  • Resolved issue when jobs get stuck in a running state when multiple tests are run.
  • Resolved issue when service hangs when running freeze frame and black frame tests.
  • Resolved issue where service reports correct error message when an end of stream error is found where source is found to be corrupt.
  • Resolved issue where the worker reports 100% progress and the job has not finished processing
  • Resolved issue when using the “Freeze/Black frame” test when source has no audio and job stops.