March 28 - Platform Release

Pay-As-You-Go Plan is Migrating to a New Billing System.

New and existing customers who use the Pay-As-You-Go Plan are in the extended process of being migrated to a new billing system. Users will notice some changes, described below, when accessing the Telestream Cloud Console.

Free Trial Period

For new customers, a new Trial feature has been introduced which is available during registration. The use of all available services in the console is free of charge for 7 days. To activate this option, please use the button “Get started”.

The Trial cannot be activated until the account email is confirmed.

From the options available, please select “Activate Free Trial” .

Upon successful activation, the banner information shows how many days are left till the end of the Trial. Using the button “Learn more” will provide you with more information about each service.


Billing information can be updated at any time using the button “Add Payment Method ” .
If valid credit card information has not been provided by the end of the trial period, access to all services will be disabled.

Pay As You Go Plan Activation

All customers migrated to the new Billing system with the Pay-As-You-Go Plan have access to all services, even if they were not previously activated. The corresponding message will be displayed:
“You have successfully subscribed to all services. A coupon can be added in the Billing section.”

Introducing coupon as a new feature

After successful activation of the Pay-As-You-Go Plan, the Coupon page is displayed in the menu panel.

After navigating to the Coupons page, the received coupon code can be entered.

The valid coupon number will be listed on the page. Additionally, the following message will be displayed: “Coupon will be applied within the next issued invoice.” Otherwise, the corresponding error message will be returned.

Look & Feel Changes in the Billing section

There are also layout changes in the Billing section to improve the user experience.

  • The statements section has been renamed to Invoices
  • The total cost information display includes credit, prepayment, and discounts calculated and cost breakdown information per service
  • Invoices have a new layout
  • Invoices before account migration to the new system can be accessed
  • At any time, a proforma invoice can be generated

  • For each service, only the current Billing Period cost will be displayed.
    (This is a phase-one feature and full billing details will be added shortly.)
  • Migrated accounts do not have the option to request Pay-By-Invoice in phase one. There is a notification displayed: “Option currently not supported. Please contact our Support team.”